The P&C Market Story

A question we often hear at P&C Market is, of course, "What does the P&C stand for?"  But it's not "what?"; it's "who?"

"P" and "C" are Pablo and Chase, D.C. residents and avid travelers:

"Pablo and I have been all over the world together, from South America to Asia, but we most often gravitate to western Europe," says Chase. "As trite as it sounds, we fall in love over and over again with the neighborhoods that make up the great cities, especially their small, vibrant markets that we seek out on day trips for a baguette, meats, cheese and, of course, wine."

The duo wanted to bring a taste of their travels home to Washington. When a space just west of Lincoln Park became available, Pablo and Chase decided to recreate that fine neighborhood market in the heart of Capitol Hill. Partnering with Brett Freeman, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and member of the Court of Master Sommeliers, they set to work filling the store with regional and international products of the highest quality.

So, "what" does P&C Market stand for?

We stand for wine sourced from the best vintners around the world. We stand for excellent local fare: artisan meat & eggs from Virginia's Polyface Farm, and superb gelato from D.C.'s own Dolci. We stand for the products we import ourselves, such as Mariage Frère teas and Albert Ménès spices: products that are elegant, exquisite, and simply the best.

As Brett likes to say, "Everything we sell tells a story." But ultimately, our story is told by the intimate relationships we build with customers who are equally passionate about food. Come join us on our adventure!